My Gull Wheels On!


As a child empowered by youth,

All is wonder,
All is truth,

Faith projecting as a wake,
A child of God,
Runs free these days,

Oh Lord, I have been so blessed,
To know your love,
Feel your caress,

Now I watch as the children play,
And loving tears swell,
...Thank you for this day.

To feel the warm sun, wind and sand,
A glorious gift,
A glorious plan,

Watch the seagulls as they wheel and dive,
Searching for scraps,
Screeching in delight,

Never do they question - nor do they ask,
For more than they need,
Or more than they have,

And in this spirit so free and strong,
I live, learn and love,
As my gull wheels on!


Poetic License Suspended - by My Gull Wheels On

A string of poetic tales, about my life, my love and, my Lord...
Observations in scales, of mortal plight, once we chance, accord...
Imagination pales, and yet just might, share a glance, of more...
Propping powerful sails, from my short life, happenstance, galore!

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- My Gull Wheels On
Michael Wilson

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My Gull Wheels On
Michael Wilson
Bowdon, GA

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