Bible Belt


Long I have lived in the Bible Belt,
Where every flavor of faith is for sale,
Oh I've dipped my toe to test a few,
And I've found myself in many pews,
So this is how I'll begin this tale.

One Sunday morn so crisp and bright,
I thought I'd finally found the light,
At a new church non-denominational,
Where the word seemed so very pure and whole,
Yet the spirit changed once I stepped inside.

Just listen to what they preach,
This doesn't match what they teach,
I was told this was someplace else,
This isn't what the flyer sells,
So quietly I waited humble and meek.

And as soon as the service was over,
I went looking for the preacher or pastor,
I said "I'm lost and the address must be wrong too,
Cause I looked for a church but instead found a condo."
And I was asked, "What do you mean Brother?"

Outside this sanctuary are the common grounds,
Where love, forgiveness, and acceptance abounds,
But in this great and most hallowed of halls,
Is where these magnanimous ideas fall,
And where the true private owners can be found.

Then I was told that I had it all wrong,
That I came when the message was too strong,
You see they hold three sermons a day,
Therefor they could meet the needs of every sway,
And I agreed I was confused all along,

This isn't a condo its a time-share,
The first sermon has fair weather fare,
The second is your everyday church,
And the third squeezes you until it hurts,
Oh what a come on, what a snare.

Now, I find that most churches are not this bad,
But keep your eyes open for those that have gone mad,
And pray for those who can not find the spirit within,
Who can so easily fall prey to those with like missions,
For time-share and condo churches are truly sad.


Poetic License Suspended - by My Gull Wheels On

A string of poetic tales, about my life, my love and, my Lord...
Observations in scales, of mortal plight, once we chance, accord...
Imagination pales, and yet just might, share a glance, of more...
Propping powerful sails, from my short life, happenstance, galore!

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- My Gull Wheels On
Michael Wilson

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My Gull Wheels On
Michael Wilson
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