What's going on?

My bank just went broke again,

Once West Georgia Bank

Then Bank of Georgia

Now they try another spin

And go by Community Bank.


This just proves

Greed which goes unchecked

Will destroy any enterprise,

My local bank,

A local joke which wrecked

Our faith in all banks of any size,


But it's more,

Something's rotten to the core,

And I now say without hesitation,

Through and through,

We've lost control and so much more

As rampant greed tears apart our nation.


We sit here now,

On this terrible precipice,

Where the change they promised us

Must be given

The opportunity to fix

All of this greed which corrupts.


Two centuries

We've fought hard to be free

From oppression and depression,

Where we afford

Each of us the ability

To work hard and succeed in this nation.


Sure we had to grow,

And our country we've perfected,

As there's always room for improvement,

But now this ideal

Is what needs to be protected,

As this quality is now abused with ill intent,


Our candidates say,

"Let's rid ourselves of earmarks,

Powerful lobbies, and special interests,

Let's change our ways,

Reducing government is smart

And community level power would be best."


But I guess it's just

An odd perception problem,

For as soon as we vote these people in,

It soon becomes clear

They just have no intention

Of changing anything which got them voted in.


Their lies exposed.

Yet the problem ever grows,

And helplessly we watch as our country erodes.

The parties collude,

And our future's being sold,

While our land of opportunity explodes.


The three branches

Seem to be working hand in hand.

Budgets filled with pork barrel projects,

Even bills of best intent

Cannot pass through their hands,

Without back door deals and graft injects.


Yet they have the gall

To keep asking for a donation

To further their interests and great causes.

They try to scare us all,

Correcting wrongs their explanation.

Then they rape the legislation - these sly foxes.


They pollute our laws

With loopholes and unrelated spending,

To buy them votes, influence, and future support.

Supposedly done,

For their constituents who voted them in,

But this is such a twisted and convoluted road...


And we all really know

They're not doing any of this for us.

They just do this corrupt back-room trading

To maintain their power,

For personal financial gain and lust,

And prop up the good old boys who made them.


Our Supreme Court

Just allowed corporations free rein,

Unlimited power to effect our popular elections.

This regardless of,

Where stockholders may live or stay,

Corrupting the whole process of our Reps selections.


What this means to you,

Is the next Representative you'll see,

Will win because of something they're willing to support

Which has nothing to do

With anything your district or state may need,

But rather what they are willing to trade or afford.


The health care issue,

So important for the huddled masses,

Has been watered down to a luke-warm solution

Which only helps a few

While it has been carefully crafted

And it's now a free-for-all spending sensation.


What about TARP funds?

Where they plan to build high speed rails

And other boondoggle efforts in select few states.

Oh the wicked tales spun,

As the rest of our infrastructure fails.

The party in power controls this money and all of our fates.


It's a feeding frenzy.

Like sharks and piranhas they attack

While banks receive bailouts and zero interest loans.

Yet there's no money

For small and medium businesses to back,

And no money available to refinance our homes.


State sponsored lottos

Disguise that our government now runs numbers,

Unfairly taxing the poor at rates not allowed casinos.

And these billions earned,

Approved by us to lighten education encumbers,

Are now spent to line pockets of our bureaucratic foes.


Overpaid school boards,

Argued to be necessary to maintain top talent,

Are often paid in excess of many millions of dollars.

This tax on the poor

Then replaces the money which once was therein spent,

And is now directed into other bureaucratic coffers.


Just as 'Freedom of Speech'

Should not include corporate protection,

And give voice to industry over the individual citizen,

Where boardrooms can leech

Our power as individuals in an election,

To elect candidates who'll answer to our voice of reason.


This corruption must stop.

Somehow we must step up and make hard decisions

And hold those accountable who profit from our demise.

Look at what's been wrought

By the money changers and corrupt politicians.

The powers that be won't easily let go of their prize.


We must now find a way

To once again become a more perfect nation,

To stop all this madness before it destroys what we've obtained.

Because like my banks name,

Regardless of the political party orientation,

We must now agree, greed run rampant, can not be sustained.


Poetic License Suspended - by My Gull Wheels On

A string of poetic tales, about my life, my love and, my Lord...
Observations in scales, of mortal plight, once we chance, accord...
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- My Gull Wheels On
Michael Wilson

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