Of Muddlers And Meddlers!


What can be told about rumors that grow,
Of truths now sold and bushes that rove,
Time is best spent justifying means,
For this is the game or so it seems,

Of muddlers and meddlers for truths obscured,
Oft-times require the lines to be blurred,
For shadows of doubt to thrive and exist,
Hidden are rules given a tweak or a twist…

By majority proxy power resides,
Through obfuscation voting decides,
Who shall wear the temporary crown,
When careful rumors and confusion abound?

Oh perpetrators of treachery, tricks and deceit,
Your lies add doubt and insult to injury,
To still great causes with still further to go,
To realize fruit from what has been sold,

But misplaced is our focus yet once again,
For it is us who demands results my friend,
With our eyes wide-shut to method or means,
On which the muddler and meddler leans!


Poetic License Suspended - by My Gull Wheels On

A string of poetic tales, about my life, my love and, my Lord...
Observations in scales, of mortal plight, once we chance, accord...
Imagination pales, and yet just might, share a glance, of more...
Propping powerful sails, from my short life, happenstance, galore!

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- My Gull Wheels On
Michael Wilson

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My Gull Wheels On
Michael Wilson
Bowdon, GA



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