A wise man can not know,
answers he will need,
to gain what he seeks.

So it's on the paths we go,
for the truths we've gleamed,
where wisdom is seen.

But what has more prospect,
works, fruit or desire,
idea, spark or fire?

Why do wise men respect,
that which most inspires,
us most to inquire?

For that which is learned,
by trial and terror,
or love and laughter...

At the age we yearned,
to bring truth to bare,
or what came after.

Yet in the learning,
innocence lost,
the lesson forgot.

For t'was the yearning,
miracles frought,
which the wise man sought.


Poetic License Suspended - by My Gull Wheels On

A string of poetic tales, about my life, my love and, my Lord...
Observations in scales, of mortal plight, once we chance, accord...
Imagination pales, and yet just might, share a glance, of more...
Propping powerful sails, from my short life, happenstance, galore!

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- My Gull Wheels On
Michael Wilson

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My Gull Wheels On
Michael Wilson
Bowdon, GA

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